Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Erectile dysfunction causes no longer impede men because penile prosthesis solutions have become the ultimate answer for those who thought there were no solutions for their erectile dysfunction. The penile prosthesis is a penis implant that cannot be seen or felt yet allow for an erect penis when desired. Dr. Gheiler has been implanting both the malleable penis implant and the inflatable penile implant in patients for the last 10 years.

His expertise in properly diagnosing and finding the correct erectile dysfunction medicine, device, implant, or supplement has been used by many people around the world. Erectile dysfunction causes that cannot be helped with erectile dysfunction medication, healthy living, erectile dysfunction natural supplements, vacuum pump or tension ring have ultimately been overcome with Dr. Gheiler’s 20 minute penile prosthesis implant procedure. This is performed in his office with just a couple tiny slits that the implant cylinders are then slide into. Men are ready to leave the office shortly after the minimally invasive penis surgery procedure.

The inflatable penis implant also has a small reservoir that is placed in the abdomen and a pump that is hidden in the scrotum. When not in use the penis is flaccid and no one can tell that you have a penile prosthesis. To inflate the prosthesis simply press the pump in the scrotum with one hand and the penis becomes firm and still no one can tell that you have a penile prosthesis. To deflate the prosthesis simply press the release valve inside the scrotum one time and it will deflate and if you squeeze the penis it will deflate faster.

Erectile dysfunction causes when determined to be vasculogenic impotence has another erectile dysfunction solution called the malleable penis implant which contains two semi-rigid rods that are slide up into the penis through one small slit. The malleable penis implant is also an outpatient procedure. Since the malleable implant does not inflate or deflate you simply bend the penis down when not in use and bend it back up for an erection.

Again the malleable penile implant, like the inflatable penis implant, is completely under the skin and cannot be seen. This implant helps those with manual dexterity issues such as arthritis since you simply grab the penis and bend it up or down verses the inflatable penis implant which has to be pumped up with the pump being hidden in the scrotum.