Smoking Can Lead to Erectile Dysfunction


Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction, even if they admit it or not. This problem can have a very negative impact on sexual life of a couple; it may cause even a breakup. Every man experiences at some point in life this inability. If the phenomenon occurs only accidentally (especially associated with fatigue, stress, alcohol consumption in large quantities) is classified as transient sexual dysfunction and does not have a huge impact on the quality of person’s life or his relationships.

The causes of ED are organic (approximately 70-80%) and psychological, the latter being the most difficult to remove. Atherosclerosis is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction in men over 60 years. It affects the heart, brain, kidneys, eyes, and potency. Smoking is the main risk factor for atherosclerosis.

A report of the American Heart Association associate smoking and impotence. Both smoking and impotence are often associated atherosclerosis. This disease is characterized by the obstruction of the blood circulation through blood vessels, causing a lot of circulatory problems throughout the entire body, leading in the end to erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Statistics show that:

Men who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day have a 60% risk of developing erectile dysfunction compared with nonsmokers. Those who smoke less have a 30% risk.15 % of former and current smokers had erection problems.12% of nonsmokers have erection problems.

Besides impotence, the problems caused directly by smoking are: reduced volume of ejaculation, a decreased number of spermatozoa ejaculated, and also the appearance of abnormal shape and a reduced mobility of the spermatozoon.

Nicotine causes blood vessels to shrink in diameter, and so those of the penis. It also affects the valves of the vein walls that keep blood in the penis, providing a lasting erection. Therefore, smokers under the influence of tobacco, even if they have an erection, it usually lasts less than normal. The destruction the arteries and veins which vascularize the penis is just a manifestation of the circulatory system degradation because hypertensive patients and those suffering from heart diseases may suffer complete impotence. It has been demonstrated that men, who are heavy smokers and past the age of 45 years presents a decline in libido and sexual potency, infertility and reduced sperm counts.