The main sexual problems that affect the couple

Sexual performance describes sexual desire and the individual’s ability to have successful sexual intercourse. Sexual function involves three components: sexual interest (libido), sexual performance (erection and ejaculation) and satisfaction (orgasm). When one of these three components is not working as it should all the couple’s sex life is turned upside down. When one partner or both, become dissatisfied with their sexual performance, the effects are usually seen also outside the bedroom.

Both women and men can have sexual problems, caused by various diseases that can be or not connected with age. However, with age, these problems appear more often because the general health is becoming more fragile.

Sexual problems common in men are erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, and low sexual desire. Sexual problems in females can be inhibition of sexual desire, inability to become aroused, anorgasmia and dyspareunia.

Erectile dysfunction is the most frequent sexual disorder in men. It can be caused by structural defects of the genitalia like Peyronie’s disease, painful erection (priapism), organic disease or psychological disorders. The most common cause include: stress, depression, fatigue, hormonal disturbances, poor blood circulation in the pelvis, cardiovascular disease or prostate surgery.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to get or keep an erection long enough to have a satisfactory intercourse. According to statistic about 40% of Americans suffer from this disorder and over million men. Organic problems lead to erectile dysfunction in men 40 to 69 years of age, while emotional issues are to blame for the occurrence of this disorder in younger men.

Disorders of ejaculation consist of several types of abnormal ejaculation, namely: premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and never any ejaculate.

This disorder occur when the ejaculatory reflex cannot be controlled. Normally ejaculation happens within 2 minutes after penetration and the control of this reflex increases with experience. In case of retrograde ejaculation, the seminal fluid is forced backward into the bladder. Delayed ejaculation is when man reaches orgasm difficult, due to both mental and physical factors. The lack of ejaculate is usually caused by spinal cord injuries, diabetes or multiple sclerosis. Premature ejaculation is often caused by inexperience, anxiety or marital problems.

Lack of sexual desire is a sexual problem that bothers many couples and can cause much frustration if partners do not communicate about it and it is not treated. Interest in sex, energy and libido can be negatively influenced by stress, depression, excess alcohol, disease, and lack of communication between the couple.